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    Have had just about every issue under the sun trying to get 10.3.1 running right on my T-Mobile Q10 (v5). But I'm determined to find a build that works best for T-Mobile users (since T-Mobile doesn't support Blackberry's any more, us TMo users are stuck with 10.2 from 2 years ago).

    The issues I've had with various 10.3.1 builds:

    • The dreaded device wipe upon soft reset / blue LED issue - The first few builds I tried caused my Q10 to wipe itself to factory defaults (ie I lose EVERYTHING) after each soft reset. So If my battery dies, for example, my phone is completely wiped upon restart. The Rogers version of 10.3 works ok however.
    • Missing apps - Other builds have had many missing apps. No File Manager, no Pictures app, etc
    • Broken Virtual Assistant - Just what it sounds like. Another build I downloaded didn't have a working voice assistant (!)

    As of now, I am running the Rogers Canada version of that I downloaded via Sachesi. It works for the most part except for the following issues I've encountered so far:

    1. WiFi Calling no longer works - Believe it or not, T-Mobile WiFi Calling actually worked on several of the prior 10.3.1 builds. But on the Rogers version, it's permanently disabled. It's frustrating because while it worked, other important apps were missing..
    2. Calendar has syncing issues with Exchange - For some strange reason, everything syncs ok except for my Exchange ActiveSync calendar. I literally had to delete and re-add my Exchange account several times to fix the Calendar sync issue.
    3. Visual Voicemail no longer works - Just what I said. T-Mobile Visual voicemail does not work with the Rogers version of 10.3.1. So now I have to call a phone number and sit and listen to messages every time

    Does any one know of a stable build where EVERYTHING works (without the dreaded wipe on restart issue) for the Q10 on T-Mobile US???

    If through Sachesi, what codes should I use?

    Appreciate all responses in advance. Thank you...
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    02-25-15 12:17 PM
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    Sounds like those are known issues. Check here and post.
    02-25-15 12:20 PM
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    Sounds like those are known issues. Check here and post.
    Thanks for your reply jaydee, but I'm already aware that those were known issues. I am just asking if any one knows of a better build aside from the Rogers Canada version.

    The fact that I'm running a fairly stable build now (except for non-working T-Mobile specific features like VVM and WiFi Calling) makes me think that there is SOMETHING out there that will work better than the Rogers version. And the fact that I was able to get VMM and WiFi Calling working on prior builds of 10.3.1.x gives me hope lol...
    02-25-15 01:29 PM
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    I've tried several leaks (I'm using unlocked T-Mobile v5 as well but on a different network so I don't get official updates pushed to my phone). So far, the best I've used is the leaked version of, which I installed using sachesi. The only problem I've experienced with it is very slight lag when opening certain apps, usually Android apps. Other than that it's been problem free!

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    02-25-15 02:15 PM
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    Does VVM on T-mobile work on the leak for the q10 v5? VVM is a very essential feature for me.
    02-25-15 06:22 PM
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    Update - I saw yesterday that Crackberry posted a FIX for the blue LED/factory resetting issue. I re-downloaded the leaked version that Crackberry posted last week, then installed the patch, and then restored a backup I made from a previous installation. So far, no more factory resetting/blue LED issues, but the frustrating thing is that WiFi Calling and VVM still aren't working any more.

    At one point, I successfully had WiFi Calling and VVM working under The last time it DID work, I had just upgraded directly from T-Mobile's last official 10.2.1 OS release. Since then, I had wiped my Q10 numerous times (trying to troubleshoot the factory resetting issue) and re-installed other versions of 10.3.1.x.

    From what I can tell, upgrading from 10.3.1.x to broke the T-Mobile related features/settings.

    Now I'm thinking about reverting back to T-Mobile's official 10.2.1 release, then installing the leaked version of all over again, then installing the patch, then restoring my data to see if I can get WiFi calling/VMM back working again.

    Sigh...this is a nightmare...

    [All because T-Mobile doesn't support Blackberry any more SMH]
    02-26-15 05:56 PM
  7. jpi1960's Avatar
    Quite an exercise in patience. Let us know how it works out and if you think it was worth all this effort to get 10.3 in whatever version you end up with or if you think it's just better that until T mobile (if ever) does an official update if it's not broke don't fix it.
    02-26-15 06:22 PM
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    sucks man. i bought a q10 a couple of months ago with 10.2 and won't be upgrading to 10.3.
    02-27-15 10:55 AM
  9. riverarubenr7's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    02-27-15 05:56 PM
  10. preacher2b's Avatar
    Spoke with T-Mobile rep and there are no new updates newer than March 2014. Nothing in the works yet either.

    I sure would like to have WiFi calling again.

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    02-27-15 08:04 PM

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