1. Dougiehd's Avatar
    My Q10 handset crashed yesterday when I changed the SIM card. The local service centre got it going again but all the data was wiped from the handset.

    I have set up the main accounts again and reactivated my email. However I cannot reactivate BBM.

    When I select BBM it takes me to a "BBM Setup" screen which says:
    "You are signed in with the following Blackberry ID:" and gives my correct email address.
    "If you're an existing BBM user, you can restore BBM"
    And I have the choice to restore using Device Switch, Restore Using email, or continue.

    When I select "restore using email" i get a list of the correct email address, my pin, and my second email address twice.

    I select the correct email address and the response is "EMail not valid. There is no BBM account associated with this email"

    I've tried restoring using the other email and the PIN, same response on all of them.
    Restore with device switch is not an option as it is the same device; if I select the option to continue it says I will not be able to restore any data if I continue!

    Any ideas anyone? I really want all my contacts back - I'm about to move to another country and want to stay in touch!

    04-26-14 10:44 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Ok try security wipe, I think your device is confused. Welcome to CrackBerry btw.

    Sent from pin:2AD743B7 via Tapatalk
    04-26-14 10:51 PM
  3. Dougiehd's Avatar
    Thanks zoster.

    Question, security wipe, sorry but I'm new to Q10 too. Is that straightforward, and won't that just wipe again everything that I have reinstalled and set up again?
    04-27-14 12:05 AM

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