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    Hi all,

    I recently bought a Q10 and have a question, although it is not a problem I would love to get some clarification. Under some of my contacts, the "details" tab, I see a BBM pin displayed. Some of these contacts don't carry a blackberry and the ones that do have a blackberry, the PIN displayed is not the one that they have (when I compare it with their pins in my bb messenger. Any idea where these pins are coming from?

    08-25-13 01:07 PM
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    First off, welcome to CrackBerry!
    Please update your profile to include device, carrier, and location. This makes it easier for others to help you.

    When you look at the Contact with the PIN, at the bottom is there a number beside Links? i.e. Links (2)

    If not, what you're seeing are PINs that you might have entered at some point on your legacy BBOS devices. Just edit the contact and delete them. Don't enter the new one there.

    If there's a number beside Links, tap and see if one is for BBM Contacts. If so and it's not the right PIN, then you'll probably find in your BBM Contacts that you have more than one showing for that person because they didn't properly Device Switch at some point in past. Delete the outdated BBM Contacts.

    Going forward, in the Contacts app link the main contact entry with the BBM contact that is separately in the list under their BBM screen name.

    Hope that all made sense!
    08-25-13 03:43 PM
  3. ono_band's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. There are no links under these contacts. So it is probably a field that I added at one point in time as you suggested.


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    08-25-13 11:45 PM

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