1. dalight13's Avatar
    Happens to me once a day and I don't why.. it's just since 3175 went official. I'm in the hub and open a conversation and I just get a black screen forever... it never fixes itself.. tried restarting the hub.. did nothing.. tried opening and closing BBM and even "hard closing" it and still nothing.. can't open another BBM conversation either..

    Only option is to hard reset the phone but it gets annoying..

    Anyways just wanted to know if it happens to you frequently?

    I'm also thinking about going back to an older 10.2.1 version..

    BBM Black screen-img_20140530_212241.png

    Posted from my Q10 running on 1GB of RAM
    06-18-14 08:56 PM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    That has happened to me also on my Q10.
    06-21-14 08:00 AM

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