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    For years the only device I ever owned after an old school Nokia phone was a Blackberry Bold, Curve, etc. It served my purpose of utilizing speakerphone, easy texting, emails, contacts and web use. Spending hours on calls, emailing, texting in a successful business model. About 2 months ago I went for the Samsung S5. My thinking was, could everyone be so wrong how Samsung and Apple owned the market and Blackberry was ancient and dying? Well after learning the hard way, today I ordered the Q10 and am awaiting the arrival of my Blackberry happily handing off the S5 to a family member.
    Here is what I found with the S5, the speaker phone on the S5 is useless, you can hear fine but nobody can hear you clearly. Typical response from clients friends alike was, you sound far away or under water. I cant type with one hand I'm 6'.4" and can all but palm a basketball, yet I need two hands to text/email on a S5. Almost impossible to text a message/email without errors, all the while wasting time correcting a short email as the touch screens are good but not great. Cant keep the S5 in my pocket as it is simply too big. The one thing that S5 excelled at was taking pictures. Great pictures! However, clients or friends can't hear you on a speaker phone, proper text/email messages are a constant battle and the phone is so bulky and cumbersome that you would just assume carry it them keep it in a pocket. It all adds up to a disaster. I think I will settle for good pictures instead of great pictures and utilize all the form, functionality and efficiency of the Blackberry. In 10 years not one cracked screen with a BB. In 2 months one cracked screen with a Samsung. Blackberry if you market to the average person who wants to email, text and wants smooth functionality you will once again own the smart phone market. You should be crushing the advertising market with the basics of how your phone the Q10 destroys the competition in simplicity and practical use.
    The advertising ideas are endless. My goodness BB, you have a marketing dream here with all the advantages of BB over the competition. Yet, I cant buy one in the store, yikes! I'm just as happy to order on line but you should buy out what's left of radio shack and have your own stores. The US is waiting for you and they don't even know it! Anyhow BB email me I will lead the charge! Blackberry where functionality meets technology! Thank you.
    09-27-14 04:32 PM
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    I hear you. Many share the same frustrations. Laughing at the "underwater" quality of the Samsung s5. My husband has the S2 and we could never hear him well from day 1. It is even worse on speaker phone. He uses a headphone to communicate. Seems to work better. But he loves the phone and it has served him well which is what matters. Time for an upgrade tho.

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    09-27-14 04:41 PM
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    Some contradictions here that doesn't make sense:

    You're 6'4" and can all but palm a basketball yet you cannot pocket an S5? At that height your pockets should be DEEP!

    You can't type on S5 with one hand ... what makes you honestly think you can do this on the Q10 ... your fingers relative to the average 5'7" male is going to be huge! BB10 Swipe to Auto Complete will help but I'm skeptical due to over fat-fingering so to speak, not being insultive.

    I love BB10 as evident in my posts as a whole or since launch. But I just don't like random reasons which when thought out doesn't make sense.

    I suggest you get the Z30 or the Passport as those sizes may be best for your physical profile; I could be wrong.
    09-29-14 07:20 PM
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    Thanks for the input.
    The BB physical keyboard makes it very simply for me to easily type rapidly and accurately, I have done it for years. One hand not an issue at all, its a smaller phone. The buttons are perfectly designed and of impeccable construct for my fingers, proven tried and true. The S5 was bulky long and very uncomfortable in my pocket and hand, difficult to type on. When I say it the S5 does not fit in my pocket I mean to say it won't fit comfortably, of course I can get it in the pocket but it is bulky and uncomfortable. What makes no sense to me is the battle to create the thinnest phone in the world, who cares how thin it is, after all most put a case on them and they all become about the same thickness. I happily will give up screen size with the Q10 for comfort and ease in carrying. The Z30? Goodness NO, I will never return to a virtual keyboard BB or not, they simply are less efficient for me . I clearly speak to how the negatives of the S5 affect me, no doubt they affect different people in different ways but what I describe is how it negatively impacted my device use, My experience was excellent with BB for years and I found out the hard way what the S5 type phone does for me. I guess to you the reasons are random but poor sound quality,poor keyboard efficiency along with a phone that simply is too large all seem like pretty good reasons to me to ditch a phone. It would seem speaker quality would be a top priority on a phone but it is commonly accepted by all users I spoke to that speaker quality is poor at best. When the number one complaint is from my clients that they cant hear me on a speaker phone and I couple it with any one of the other issues I have with the S5, it really becomes a no brainer, I guess if kids are gaming or texting and taking pictures then a S5 makes more sense but not for me. Thanks again and good luck.
    09-29-14 10:51 PM

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