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    I am a returning user of BB. Previously I had a BB Tour, nothing special. Took a break from BB for a while and have now recently purchased a BB Q10. I quickly realized that my SanDisk 8GB microSD card wasn't gonna make the cut for storage space. So I decided to buy the Lexar 32GB microSDHC UHS-1 Class 10 card which comes with a USB reader. However, when I put the card into my Q10 and try to format it, it begins to format then pops a message up saying "Media card formatting incomplete. Please try again." I've tried repeatedly to format but have been unsuccessful. As well, for those of you aware of how the Q10 works, when the File Manager is shown in the recent activity screen, it shows the space available both on your device and media card. The screen shows the device storage available but tells me Media Card Not Present. So it seems to not be recognizing the media card at all. I have checked the media card out on my PC through the included USB reader and it works just fine. I combed through forums and tried to see if there are any known compatibility issues between the BB and Lexar cards but haven't seen anything at all to verify it.

    BB Q10 and Lexar 32GB microSD-32gb_microsdhc_633x_w_3.0reader.jpg

    Does anyone happen to know anything about this issue? Am I simply doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    06-11-14 07:24 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    I have a Sandisk card with the exact same specifications and I had no problem formatting it on my Z30, nor the same card card on my wife's Z10 (at the time).

    Remove the card and try a device reset. (NOT the same as a Restart.)
    Hold down the top key until red LED flashes on then off, then release the button.

    Give the phone a few minutes to index, then insert the new media card again. Attempt to format it. Any luck?

    FYI: A device reset is the BB10 equivalent of a battery pull for legacy BBOS devices like your old Tour. Don't battery pull on BB10 with the phone turned on!
    06-11-14 07:33 PM
  3. SkitzBlitzer's Avatar
    Before I do that, one question...... When I do a device reset does that clear my contacts or anything? I'd really hate to have to go through that again since I just finally got them added. I remember the old battery pulls, so I'm guessing that wouldn't affect any content?
    06-11-14 07:50 PM
  4. SkitzBlitzer's Avatar
    Ok, it's been a while since I used BB so my memory is slowly coming back. As I thought about the reset thing I realized there would be no content affected so I went ahead and did it. You were correct Elite1. The reset did the trick. My BB now recognizes 30GB of media card space. Thank you very much for your response and your help. My g/f appreciates it as well, as my aggravation level has now dropped......lol.
    06-11-14 08:04 PM

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