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    I've been using a Q10 for a while now without any problems but recently the keys have become sticky (with certain characters not working) and I can only receive emails intermittently. I contacted EE who sent a replacement Q10 handset but the same thing keeps happening. What's more, my contacts have been deleted. Can anybody advise what the problem might be? I tried calling Blackberry and they said I would have to register the handset as an Enterprise but EE didn't understand why we were given this advice. It seems to be a handware malfunction but without solid advice from EE or Blackberry I'm unsure what to do.
    07-15-14 05:05 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Sticky keys is something that has been reported here.... seems to be hardware related. You'll have to get a new device and maybe try a lighter touch....

    Contact app being a little buggy - especially after an update has been reported here..... (not sure I've ever seen anyone complain of contacts being deleted). But best practice is to have you contacts synced to the Cloud. And to always perform a backup before doing an update and if at all possible do a clean install without doing a restore. Some say they have no problems doing a restore... others do.

    If you have not done an update.... then maybe more info on what happened would be helpful.
    07-15-14 10:26 AM

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