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    There have been posts about battery draining and such. Mine is a little similar. I would like to find out from Q10 users what are their numbers like.

    1. During the 6-7 hrs of sleep, the battery would drain about 5-6% as compared to iphone, say 2%. With wifi, data, BT, location all off, and all processes terminated. Is that your experience? Is it possible to stop certain processes from starting up?

    2. I'm a moderate user. On a typical work day, my data will be turned on except during sleep time. I will probably be 5mins on the phone, maybe 1-2 hrs chatting and surfing. My last charge was at 7pm last evening and battery is now at 37% at 2pm. This include the idle sleep time of 6-7hrs. As compared to my iphone, battery life seems much shorter.

    What are your experiences and numbers?

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    The OS can play a part. Most reports say that OS 10.3 and 10.3.1 are most efficient in battery consumption than the current latest official OS 10.2.1. But 10.3 isn't officially available yet for most devices and installing it isn't recommended except if you are an advanced user.
    01-22-15 12:06 AM
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    I will tell you mine. Battery consumption on my phone is scary, because it could stand two, sometimes three days. I only activate the data or WIFI when really needed (Screw everybody who contacts me with Whatsapp and are on a hurry, lol), location keeps working all the time (even if I live in an Latin American country and the Google Maps & BB Protect indicates I'm close to Islamabad, Pakistan). I do not play (use the tablet for it). The hardcore thing I do maybe is listening to music, using Reddit In Motion, reading a satirical wiki or watching videos on Youtube. For the last case it works for two days. For the rest (like from the last monday morning (like 9:00) until yesterday at 22:00), it works flawlessly.

    Last thing, I always turn it off at night, or if I need the alarm, I put it on Flight Mode and Bedtime Mode, just in case.

    EDIT: I use 10.2.1
    01-22-15 12:11 AM
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    2. I'm a moderate user. On a typical work day, my data will be turned on except during sleep time. I will probably be 5mins on the phone, maybe 1-2 hrs chatting and surfing.
    Many people see themselves as moderate user, forgetting the fact that the device himself uses the battery for it's purposes even when no user is doing something. The PIM services are normally configured to do a lot in background, all the day long and in many cases also during the night, the device sends keep alives to various networks where it is logged in, background tasks of the OS are running, and so on. It's a small computer and it's running all the time.
    01-22-15 01:16 AM
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    I learned not to frequently check my battery life when I got fed up. I am on the go and I charge my device as frequent as possible. Well, connectivity is bad in my country. I last maximum of 14 hrs on moderate use on 3G. And 1 day or so when connected to wifi. I use BBM, sms and facebook a lot.

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    I used to get more than a day with almost full time wifi connected with no mobile network data. But after the latest update (10.2.2 in germany), it seems I am not even getting a full day. When I asked in some forums, got so many replies and to do's, tried everything...but nothing changed my battery life...last thing to try now is a new battery (I have already ordered it and waiting for my battery to reach home) but I dont believe in that too...coz I bought a z30 for my gf 2 weeks b4. She uses only wifi. And 1 or 2 kols a day..+ music on the way to office and home. If I had done this in my q10 at the beginning, I would surely get complete 2 days+. But for her, it lasts only a day (morning to night).
    So for everybody who faces battery issues, I would advise u to wait for 10.3.1 official update and wait for a weeek after installing it...

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    I'd suggest you open up your device monitor and show us some screenshots of your battery section. Which software version are you running, what kind of apps do you have installed? There have been a couple of reports from people stating they had installed multiple Android apps and their battery performance went down the hill.

    With my useage, the Q10 lasts me a whole 12 hours working day, but it needs to be charged afterwards. Same goes for the Classic, which justs lasts a little tad longer than the Q.

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    01-22-15 02:40 AM

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