1. tx ram's Avatar
    I have a Q5 and have questions about the q10.
    What is the time the q10 takes to charge from a minimum of say < 10% to 100%?
    If any of you were using the bb9900 before your q10s, please compare the charge times from zero to 100% comparatively.
    And lastly the q5 and q10 batteries ratings and physical sizes. Are they the same size physically?
    Thanks in advance.

    I used the 9900 before my q5 and though the 9900 batter did not carry too much juice it had one advantage, it would charge to a 100% is close to half hour. I have not seen any battery charge that fast every(mobile phone). Comparatively the q5 battery takes forever to charge.

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    02-11-14 12:21 PM
  2. Mihal Shopofolives's Avatar
    Charged my Q10 battery last night in less than three hours. Would rather say two and a half. I am using an original charging cord.

    Sorry, cannot comment regarding physical sizes of batteries and charging time of 9900, since owed neither of them.

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
    02-11-14 12:30 PM
  3. redmonke255's Avatar
    You need a higher amperage charger. The old blackberries could make it on a 500mA charger. I try and get a minimum of 1A, though the 2A charger I have charges the phone to full in about an hour.

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    02-11-14 01:30 PM
  4. dmlis's Avatar
    I have run number of measurements on my Q10 at using Battery Guru app.
    Charging rates:
    with stock 850mA charger - 0.8% per min up to 90%. Than rate drops down and you need 42-44 min up to 100%.
    with 2.0A charger - 1.2% per min up to 75%. Than you need 65 min up to 100%.
    I played also with Charger Bundle. Full battery in the Bundle plugged in a phone provides the fastest charging, 1.5-1.6% per min. But the drawback is unusually high temperature.

    Note: I didn't yet run similar tests for 10.2.1. But I have not seen/read any evidence of changes in battery performance so far.
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    02-11-14 05:10 PM

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