1. Shirley Calderone's Avatar
    i have a q10 purchased last week automatically loaded latest os my situation is:

    when in car with bluetooth radio listening to fm and calll comes in, it gos to radio as it should all fine.

    when i try to listen to an audio file it wont play on phone if i switch radio to audio player,file is playing.

    i have drive safe app which seems to be trying to do the same.

    i have audio streaming set to off on bluetooth options.

    if not where bluetooth is present (ie not in car),or if using ear piece, seems to work fine. sounds play on device and dont try to route through bluetooth.

    is there ither settings i am missing?
    03-29-14 07:04 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If your phone is connected to your car via BT then anything you play on the phone is going to play through the cars speakers ONLY IF YOU SET YOUR CAR BT TO ON...
    Meaning, I can press all the songs I want on my phone but they don't play aloud. I have to choose BT speaker on my car's INformation panel and then I can hear the music. Normal operations.
    03-29-14 07:08 AM
  3. Shirley Calderone's Avatar
    all my alerts play through device not the bluetooth connection.
    03-30-14 07:08 AM

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