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    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I've come to find out that a number of apps that aren't available in BlackBerry World have mobile websites that look and perform about as well as their applications (that I had previously installed on Android or iOS devices)....AND in a lot of instances the mobile sites work better than an Android port. More and more I've deleted a bunch of legit apps and ports in favor of just creating a bookmark or maybe shortcut on my homescreen for ones I visit all the time. I'm seeing pretty much the same functionality and without having to use of storage space on the phone!

    I don't know, I guess more and more I'm realizing that the whole craze over apps just doesn't make sense a lot of the time considering the advent of fully functional, fluid mobile sites. Some apps are exceptions but seemingly most of the ones I used to consider "must-haves" just aren't the case anymore.

    Posted via CB10
    01-18-14 05:13 PM
  2. ronfc's Avatar
    You're not alone. Most websites I visit to, for example, YouTube, has a mobile site, which offers same functionality (for me) as the app. It's sufficient enough for me. I don't use much apps aside from CB10, Evernote, BBM and Calculator. And most of my sideloaded Android apps are just games, like Candy Crush, which I only loaded for the sake of testing out sideloaded apps (haven't really given much thought of it and I said why not give it a try).
    01-18-14 05:32 PM
  3. SCrid2000's Avatar
    BlackBerry tried to argue that all you needed was a browser a few years back. While I generally agree, that attitude contributed a lot to their current plight.

    No Angry Birds or Instagram in the browser lol
    01-18-14 05:32 PM
  4. SmileDahling's Avatar
    I see your point.

    When I switched from an iPhone to BB10 I was disappointed to find a huge dearth of mobile banking apps, specifically for USAA and Bank of America.

    I'm consoled by the fact that the mobile version of their websites seems to work just as well. The only slightly harder function is depositing checks via mobile to my USAA account. In the iPhone app I can snap a shot of the front and back of the check in app - with the mobile site I have to upload files. Still works though.

    I wish Starbucks had a native app though. I can't pay via the mobile website. I use the official Starbucks app that I downloaded via Snap. Works great.

    *I know that there is an app called Make but I have to enter my full card number for access. I don't remember what drawer I have the card stored in in my house so I'd rather just sign in via the official app and have it there for me

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    01-18-14 05:39 PM

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