1. darwincruz20's Avatar
    Hi. I would just like to know if there are some. Kindly please tell me why? Needing your opinions on how you value the Physical Keyboard.

    Rockin' with my awesome Z30 C00182421
    01-01-15 09:03 AM
  2. jackwaldon's Avatar
    Yes, I did!

    A little background... before BB10, I have a all-touch torch and before that I had a storm. so, you'd think that I'd be totally used to not having a physical keyboard.

    When BB10 came out, I got the Z10 right away. Then the Q10 and finally the Z30. I really liked the Z30. It was fast, screen is great, etc etc. However, I tend to carry a lot of stuff on me and a device that size was always awkward. It got a little better when I got the holster, but it was still awkward. And I never got used to the touch screen keyboard. Which was weird, because I didn't feel like I was missing anything with the Z10. But, after running the Q10 for a few months and the typing experience that cam with that, the Z30 just didn't do it for me anymore.

    It's not just about speed. It's about maintaining a train of thought because I am thinking more about what I am saying and thinking less about how to operate the keyboard. It's the difference between typing a sentence and typing a paragraph.

    Anyway, last March I had a trip coming up and I really wanted to be able to keep up with emails. So, I switched back to the Q10. Sometimes I miss having the larger screen. But I never want to go without a physical (BlackBerry) keyboard again.

    I am interested in the Passport. But a) I am on Verizon and b) it might be too big. I will probably get a classic. But, I wish it came with a better Camera.

    I've resolved that I don't want a giant form factor and I do want a keyboard. And, that's going to have consequences on the screen size, but I am okay with that. Darn physics.

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    01-01-15 10:23 AM
  3. Gus's Avatar
    I bought a Z30 one month ago and bought a Q10 yesterday. I will switch back and forth. Sometimes I find that the Z30 is too big and heavy, that's the only negative against it. I had a bold 9900 which I sold in the spring, so, the Q10 is a great replacement.

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    01-01-15 10:35 AM
  4. SlackerKing's Avatar
    In my situation I switch back and forth between the a Z30 and Q10. I think I could characterize my use as 70% Z30 and 30% Q10.

    I switched from the Q10 to the Z30 for the big 5" screen, USB OTG, big battery, and the increase in processor speed. On the 5" screen of the Z30 BB10 finally seems to have enough room for peek and flow to work without feeling cramped. For me where the Z30 runs aground is the Z30 isn't 100% supported by the carrier I use. So certain functionality advertised by the carrier as a value add that could exist, and would keep me on the Z30 longer, doesn't. Gah!

    And this brings me to my Q10. Officially the carrier I use supports the Q10. From a user perspective "support" means the Q10 can send/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS texts via WiFi (in addition to all the usual 4G LTE stuff we expect from a carrier). WiFi calling is the only value add that I can tell that separates the two devices on the carrier's network. So when I know I'm going to spend extended periods of time in areas of low or nonexistent carrier coverage but high WiFi coverage, I pop the SIM into the Q10.

    So for my use case I have a pretty good solution. I keep the Q10 & Z30's configurations more or less synchronized. I expect to continue using them for some time to come.
    01-01-15 11:39 AM
  5. darwincruz20's Avatar
    Wow great stories. Keep it coming.

    Well, as for me, I am about to switch back to Q10 again. I really have this feeling that I need a physical keyboard over all the features of having a big screen. Well yeah, OTG is a big help but not the usual thing I do. I use it like very rare cases. I find BlackBerry blend useful that I can send SMS and BBM messages on my laptop but I guess there still some thing I love on PKB.

    Rockin' with my awesome Z30 C00182421
    01-01-15 03:20 PM
  6. jrsva2008's Avatar
    I've made the full circuit in 2014. Love EBay as I only really can't afford more than one phone so I do excellent-shape used as often as possible. Started the year with a new Q10 that I had gotten with ATT, then back to a Bold 9900 (loved that thing and the toolbar but missed BB10s upgraded browser and camera). Tried a Z10 and was impressed with the glass keyboard. It really is nice but I thought I'd prefer the larger space of the Z30 so when the fall ShopBB sale came out, I grabbed one. It really is a terrific device,and the added keybd space helps a lot. But have been concerned for the extra size and requirement to use two hands for most everything. I have large hands and fingers, and still requires two hands to do it best. So tried an experiment with a beautiful used Q10 I picked in December.Just got back from vacation using just the Q10 and that's where I'm going. The feel, the smaller size both for pockets and one handed use is the clincher. Note though, I don't do videos or games on my phone..calls, emails, texts and a few travel and weather apps, and of course music and photos. Hard to beat the Qfor these. So yes, very impressive device, and much better if doing videos and games. So sort out your priorities...you can't go wrong with either one...it's just got to fit your life.

    PS...I'm typing this on the Z and admit I'm faster typing on this than the Q and auto correct is great. But then again, I'd have to carry it around all the time and size and weight is the tradeoff to typing speed. Miss the Bold keybd which I think was better than the Q...

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    01-01-15 08:23 PM
  7. webmeister's Avatar
    I have both. Q10 during the work week, and Z30 for my weekend play device.

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    01-02-15 07:01 AM
  8. Ashraf Altayeb's Avatar

    Z30 is another android design new device, for BlackBerry u must have Q family feeling,

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-15 07:41 AM
  9. Lucas D's Avatar
    I've had Q10 as my first BlackBerry then I got my partner the z10 I got one along the way then sold the Q got the Z30 sold the z30 got a passport sold the passport got a Q love the size of the q it's quick fast to type on and do things that matter.

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-15 07:47 AM
  10. dimitrisgreece's Avatar
    I was on Q.
    Then went to Z, because I needed more screen.
    I loved the z. But I found it strange in my hand.
    I liked the Q shape, and the buttons.
    Also the Z battery was the worst.
    So I got back to Q.
    Simply adorable!

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    01-02-15 06:16 PM
  11. joewoo's Avatar
    I switch between the two constantly... with the Q10 def being easier to use
    01-02-15 07:49 PM
  12. anon(13322)'s Avatar
    I have both. Oh wait, BlackBerry still hasn't shipped my Z30. Ugh. But, I'll probably be going back and forth. I'm considering selling my Q10 as I find the small screen annoying.

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-15 10:38 PM

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