1. md386's Avatar
    My wife's Q10 recently stopped working, and I figured I'd ask here before I break down and buy a new one.

    When the battery is inserted, the screen remains blank, and it blinks one long red LED, following by three short blinks, then two more short blinks. It will show up briefly in BB Link, but appears to reboot and reconnect before I can do anything with it.

    So far I've tried a new battery (no luck), and running an autoloader. If I time it just right, the autoloader will start to load, but then immediately stops when the phone disconnects. Anything else I can try, or is the only option to pick up a new Q10?
    12-14-15 12:48 PM
  2. Rustybronco's Avatar
    In my opionion, probably not.
    111011 RAM Initialization Problem (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    12-14-15 01:19 PM

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