1. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    So yes, I'm trying to get my hotspot working on a VZW Q10...and on the latest leaked o/s, this "VZW over Tethering/MHS Enttitlement" is grayed out... even this thread:


    doesn't have information on how to overcome the grayed out escreen...and the previous version of escreen listed there is for the Z10, and will not work for the Q10....I figure there's gotta be a way to extract an escreen from a previous O/S of the Q10 that was successful at allowing you to tether since someone extracted it for the Z10....this is my first Q10 (had a Z10 previously), so please help!

    02-11-14 12:14 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Download one of the old OS leaks and extract it with Sachesi. Might work..
    02-11-14 12:24 AM
  3. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    from what I've gathered, OS seems to be the last one that had a working escreen for the Q10, been trying to find a download, but no luck...does anyone have that O/S or can extract the escreen from there???? ThanX
    02-11-14 01:07 AM
  4. TeaBoy's Avatar
    I try the OS escreen already its still grey out.
    02-11-14 01:22 AM
  5. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    so I guess go back before the .1047? Or install just downgrade to o/s .1047 and use it until a fix is found? Anyone tried an older o/s' escreen and got results?
    02-11-14 08:21 AM
  6. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    so...did anyone have luck ILLEGALLY hotspotting their Q10 with the latest 10.2.1.xxx???? please help
    02-21-14 12:13 AM
  7. bursthead's Avatar
    Bump. I hope someone can figure this out.
    04-10-14 04:53 AM

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