03-23-14 12:37 AM
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  1. M-Huck's Avatar
    I jerry-rigged one out of the original mold/holder in the T-Mobile box.

    Big binder clip underneath and a little duct-tape gives it the nice angle-up.

    My BOLD even fits in it-- AND I can charge (but but don't have to; you can see how the plug drops in from above left of the dock)

    Any idea about a Q10 Cradle?-q10dock.jpg
    03-22-14 09:09 AM
  2. M-Huck's Avatar
    OK. Here's another cradle I whipped up for another area I place my Q10 quite a bit. Just wad a paper towel in an extra coffee mug whose width works well with it.

    Attachment 254114

    Works great esp. in conjunction with Power Clock app

    Props to anyone who knows where the 11th Street Diner is w/o googooling.

    Many a times to help get over a hangover and News Cafe is just too overrun...both are guilty of getting the "I Yelped it or Lonely-Planeted it crowd," though, though usually not at the same time...
    03-22-14 09:12 AM
  3. andy957's Avatar
    How about this one (it's on the eBay.ca site but looks like it'll ship to the US from China):

    Sync Data Charging Cable Battery Dual Charger Station Cradle FOR Blackberry Q10 | eBay

    or this one:

    03-22-14 09:32 AM
  4. stratax's Avatar
    I hacked it some here. Used a Dremel-like tool to makes the speaker-pathway. Now I have some putty on there and I'll sand and paint it later so it doesn't look so hacked.

    Much better sound coming out from it now.

    Attachment 223881
    Nice background, where did you find that? XD

    Joking aside, the "custom" cradle/dock looks pretty cool

    Posted via Blackjack Q10
    03-23-14 12:37 AM
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