07-27-14 09:50 AM
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  1. donemt's Avatar
    Since getting my Q10 in November I've not had any typing issues and am starting to wonder if it's the model # that is the same with all of the people affected. My model is SQN100-2 with no Android side loads. Just wondering what # the people having these issues have and if they have side loads

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    05-31-14 06:16 AM
  2. Chavez78's Avatar
    6 months no issues.

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    05-31-14 08:01 AM
  3. anon6040766's Avatar
    Im really thinking about buying a Q10, but Ive heard so much about the double typing issue Im hesitant.

    I will be buying an International model from outside my home country of Vietnam as the price here is still way too high. So i dont think it'll have a warranty.

    Go for it or its a real problem?
    Have a personal Q10 and business Q10, no issues on either. The company I work for is now BYOD but use to distribute Q10's. Had about 12,000 of them. I can tell you will certainty there were zero double typing issues. Now my theory is if you stick the carrier loaded OS and use carrier pushed OS updates you'll be fine. Everyone I know that has an issue has loader either a leak or an official use Sachesi, etc. This could be a coincidence and they maybe some with issues right out of the box, but speaking from my experience, if you update the phone normally and don't mess with it, you'll be pleased with how your keyboard functions. Good luck!

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    05-31-14 10:14 AM
  4. anon6040766's Avatar
    Hmm I hope using Snap does not cause it because I don't use leaks or any other things you mentioned but I still need some Android apps.

    Two months and still no double typing issue for me.

    Also, kind of ironic you posted here on your Z30. Haha
    See my recent post above. I do have a Z30, but also 2 Q10's and am very familiar with the device, was just trying to help.

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    05-31-14 10:16 AM
  5. jdcbomb's Avatar
    8 months no issues. SQN 100-4. Android sideloads. 10.2.1.

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    05-31-14 11:09 AM
  6. nabher's Avatar
    I have no problem with my Q10 whatsoever. But I wouldn't buy a Q10 right now given that the launch of the Q20 is imminent. If you are spending big bucks on a new phone why buy a year old model.

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    05-31-14 11:15 AM
  7. MontoyaOscar84's Avatar
    Yes, you are paranoid but that doesn't mean that they're not after you. Lol. Nah, seriously I have a Q10, and I have been using it for a couple of months now and no major nor minor typing issues to report.
    05-31-14 02:24 PM
  8. klobb's Avatar
    3 months and buttons stopped to work. However I changed the keyboard and work fine now. So if you like it buy, if you have bad like you will replace the keyboard.

    05-31-14 02:31 PM
  9. Chavez78's Avatar
    I have had mine for almost a year now and no problems.

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    07-24-14 10:37 PM
  10. arlene_t's Avatar
    I think you are just paranoid. Not everyone had the double typing issue... :-)

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    07-25-14 04:40 AM
  11. MultiPlatt's Avatar
    New on Q10 keyboard but it seems to work great. Just have to get my speed dial configured.

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    07-25-14 12:04 PM
  12. andreirad's Avatar
    I had double typing issues and I sent the phone back and got a replacement. Works great. I really love to type on a real keyboard and the shortcuts are very useful. If you start having the double typing issue call your carrier and they can offer you insurance and replace the phone. My carrier is Verizon, they offered a $10/month insurance and got my phone replaced. My phone was over 1 year older. Now I will cancel my insurance so I had my phone replaced with $10

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    07-25-14 12:15 PM
  13. Chavez78's Avatar
    Crap i just said no

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    07-26-14 08:34 AM
  14. Chavez78's Avatar
    Crap, I just said not to worry about the double typing iisue and it just started on my phone today. Luckily it's right under a year old, so I can still exchange under warranty.

    Yes the two i's above where caused by double typing issue.

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    07-26-14 08:39 AM
  15. q10newguy's Avatar
    I just posted this in the "double typing" thread but I replaced the keyboard myself for a total of $9 including the new board and tools and about 30 mins of time....now that I know how easy it is I have no worries about the phone even if it were to act up again.

    It is kinda too bad BlackBerry hasn't acknowledged the issue and offered some sort of assistance to unhappy customers but sometimes it's better to just take matters into your own hands than wait (unhappily) for a company to do the right thing. Just my 0.02

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    07-26-14 12:48 PM
  16. rdifiori's Avatar
    Please...it's a know hardware issue. Changing the keyboard out immediately fixes it.

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    07-26-14 05:00 PM
  17. q10newguy's Avatar
    Please...it's a know hardware issue. Changing the keyboard out immediately fixes it.

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    It's such a well-documented issue and BlackBerry clearly pays some attention to this site that it's too bad they haven't stepped up and offered some assistance to unsatisfied customers...

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    07-26-14 06:00 PM
  18. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    I would hold out for the Passport or the Classic. I bought my Q10 used off ebay and haven't had any problems with double typing. I have seen threads on here about it. Not really sure how many it effects. Kind of reminds me of the Xbox360 RROD issue at launch. I remember hearing about people getting 3 or more consoles around launch with RROD issues and I had the same system for years and it's still working. Mine was a launch system as well....

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    07-27-14 02:50 AM
  19. Bberry_addict's Avatar
    Didn?t have the problem with double typing but I did have to change the keypad due to letters no longer visible...wearing of.

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    07-27-14 09:50 AM
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