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    Recently received q10 from US. Lock on T-mobile. Iím from Russia, but now in other soviet country in business trip. Found some web sites (GetUnlocked.com - BlackBerry and iPhone Unlocking. Unlock Z10 | Unlock Q10 , if someone suggests other would be grateful) for $40, it seems not a problem to unlock q10, if u got money on ur visa. But the problem is that I canít activate it, when the phone is running without sim card (original T-mobile) , asking for wi fi connection, I connected it through the iPhone 5 and through a router, the step where you choose country and waiting for the agreement, as a result it gives an error, says Ďchange connection settingsí. When I put local sim card, it asks for the code (the one that is needed to unlock, I guess), but still the next step is accepting the agreement and again through the connection, and then I go back to the same problem. Anyone faced a similar problem?
    09-01-13 10:22 AM
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    That code is the SIM lock code i think and it should be accompanied with the SIM Card itself. I dont think its the unlocking code you are talking about.
    09-01-13 01:19 PM
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    thanx for reply. What if it asks fo MEP code, is that unlocking code?
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    09-03-13 03:34 AM
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    Sounds like it cannot find an agreement for the country you are choosing or you are in a country not supported by BlackBerry.

    Try selecting a country that matches the country you are in. If that doesn't work, you may need to do the activation when you are in a country supported by BlackBerry.

    This is all assuming it is just not your network connection causing the problem. For example, a hot spot off an Apple device may create some sort of problem connecting to a BlackBerry server to get the licence agreement and software updates. You may want to try it on some other wifi sources that are not phone hotpots. It has been suggested that McDonald's or Starbucks wifi may work as they can be on an American proxy even though in a foreign country.

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    09-03-13 07:04 AM
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    robsteve thank you for ur reply. I tried different countries and languages, the same thing. I used before 9900, so the problem is not in the country.
    First problem is that itís asking for MEP code, which is logical because phone is locked on T-mobile
    Second, I canít get through the agreement, which is not logical, cause by connecting through wi fi I suppose to get through the agreement and entering to the phone menu even without sim card
    May be, the unlock (MEP) code will solve the problem, Iíll try to get tomorrow.
    Here some photos
    Activation problem-03092013262.jpg
    Activation problem-03092013259.jpg
    By adding wi fi connection and waiting for 5-to 10 min, the info box comes up saiyng 'change connection settings'
    Attached Thumbnails Activation problem-03092013264.jpg  
    09-03-13 10:23 AM
  6. Temur Islamov's Avatar

    Did You solved the problem? If yes, please advice how. I got a q10 yesterday, and im having the same problem as You described.

    Looking forward to hear from You.


    05-26-14 02:30 PM

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