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    I found some people talking about a T-mobile on Verizon Q10. Here is my Conclusion:
    T Mobile LTE band 17: 700bMHz
    Verizon LTE band 13: 700cMHz

    Both 700b & 700c belong to 700MHz family, but they are different. So T Mobile sim can't get LTE on Verizon Q10.

    Moreover, T mobile

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    07-05-14 10:23 AM
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    Correct, I am using a Verizon q10 on tmobile. I only get 4G, NO LTE.

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    07-05-14 10:45 AM
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    Sorry for the careless-touch, then posted an un-finished thread.

    Moreover, T mobile would use the difference frequencies on 1700MHz from what Verizon's has, otherwise there might be conflicts on the frequencies (same frequencies for two carriers -- I don't think so), same meaning as 700MHz, I think.

    But I am surprised that T-mobile sim can get HSPA+ on Verizon Q10 (as somebody said), while someone said only can get EDGE.
    Verizon Z10 (installed by T mobile sim) might only get EDGE, as it doesn't the HSPA+ ability.

    How do you think guys?
    07-05-14 10:53 AM
  4. peter_schneider's Avatar
    Correct, I am using a Verizon q10 on tmobile. I only get 4G, NO LTE.

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    thanks for your proving. ;-)
    07-05-14 10:55 AM
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    The Verizon Q10 and Z30 are Dual band CDMA and GSM world phones and they are sold Unlocked. Most Verizon phones are the superior version.
    07-05-14 10:59 AM
  6. peterschneider's Avatar
    Here is 700MHz band detailed:
    T mobile LTE band 17: 700b MHz
    Upload link: 704-716 MHz
    Download link: 734-746 MHz

    Verizon LTE band 13: 700c MHz
    Upload link: 777-787 MHz
    Download link: 746-756 MHz

    So guys, that's clear. They are different.

    Finally, just found on Verizon official website Verizon Q10 only support band 13: 700MHz, so that means 1700MHz no exists for Verizon on Q10.

    That's why T mobile sim can't get Verizon Q10 on LTE

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    07-05-14 11:07 AM

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