1. blackshark's Avatar
    Ok this has always bugged me - is there a setting I can change?
    When they say you can position the app icons anywhere you want, that's a bit of a lie. I want my main app screen to be pretty clean: 1 row of icons along the bottom. Can't be done as far as I can tell.
    Perhaps it's because I stayed with my bold until I just couldnt any more, but I like to use my device with one hand. Having to hit icons at the top the screen with my thumb is just dumb - that goes for apps, the send button on texts, emails, the cancel button, the call button, etc. The ***** designer of this must have been on holidays when they placed the "end call" button, because it's right where it should be. For the buttons at the top, its tough to get my thumb up there when holding it with one hand, and to have it be recognized properly. I swear the captouch screen is looking for fingers not thumbs (and I have a bit of expertise in this area). Well I want to use my thumb and while I'm ranting, those little close x's are just too small. (this seem to be a spreading disease across all platforms and OS on all devices and computers). I have never in my life had to rehit buttons multiple times more than I have with this phone. In my line of work we would call that kind of interaction not acceptable

    And now with more smaller icons on the app pages this magnifies the problem. A smaller footprint (thumbprint?) to hit and now my base screen is more cluttered than ever (I have to fill the screen to put the main ones I want on the bottom row).
    Bad UI designer, Bad! No treats for you.
    In the same vein the new app screen dots and home button are positively microscopic- and by their new size nature, harder to hit.

    And now that the mid life eyesite is starting to go, can I please please please have control over the size of the time stamp on the home screen. Every blackberry in history has had a much larger font in this area. They've managed to make the date enormous - too big in fact, doesn't one access the time more often than the date?
    I'm starting to see why people snicker when you haul out your blackberry-not enough customizable control. On my android I can turn off the grid and stick a single app icon anywhere on one page if it suits me.
    For me a blackberry is all about efficiency, reducing the clutter and being able to do something else while i'm bashing away productively on my phone without even having to look! (yes I miss my row of physical buttons).
    02-22-15 05:47 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    You need a third party app (there are many free ones) that allow for blank icons on the home page. Then you can arrange your icons any way you want them. I use Home Screen plus because I also add a weather icon to my home screen and i can add blank icons, thereby placing my icons where I want and as few as I like.
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    02-22-15 05:59 PM
  3. blackshark's Avatar
    Awesome suggestion Jaydee, thanks for that. Hoping I can kill two birds with one stone by adding a larger clock to the home screen too.
    02-23-15 12:35 AM

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