10-17-15 02:44 PM
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    The smartphone market is changing, as it always has. I think windows 10 will be a slow burner but will gain momentum and I think that the Priv will be successful enough to save the BlackBerry handset business but looking further ahead, Chen has hinted that there will be further security added to the BlackBerry Android OS as time passes and more features added to the software. BlackBerry hardware is solid enough to stand up against the big OEM's and one thing that hasn't been mentioned too much is the way it feels. BlackBerry handsets 'feel' different to a lot of other phones, just like iphones have a unique 'feel'. It's not about the OS. Discount that for a moment and think about the primary function of a phone; namely that it's a human input device. I like BlackBerry hardware. I've used a lot of phones and none give quite the same feeling of accuracy or utilitarianism of a BlackBerry handset. I hope and believe that the Priv will kickstart the hardware division and we'll see some good things in the next 12 months. Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I hear all the time how people really miss their bb's of old but need apps and I think that that will be the main driving force behind the Priv. I don't think it will be the number one selling Android or anything but I really do think that they will (for the first time in a long time) sell more handsets than projected rather than the opposite being consistently true. We shall see. If they do exit hardware, by the time I'm ready to leave BlackBerry (in a couple of years) then I expect Windows 10 to be a viable OS for productivity.

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    10-14-15 01:05 AM
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    The Smartphone market is sometimes an enigma to me.

    iOS has not upgraded their BASIC platform of plastering icons on screens since the original iPhone, yet thousands stand in lines to get the newest model that is basically a hardware upgrade. I still have a 4s and it runs the same iOS as the newest iPhone 6s, albeit slower since I only have a dual core processor.
    Cars have still four wheels, so what? if it works for users why change and complicate things.
    10-15-15 02:11 PM
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    Cars have still four wheels, so what? if it works for users why change and complicate things.
    I understand that point, but the comparison is off. Cars do have 4 wheels. But do they have the same engine, ignition system, MPG, safety features and onboard electronics as the 1952 DeSoto cars? Of course not. The wheels are standard. On smartphones, screens and batteries are standard. The internal software and ecosystem is what drives them.

    It's either brilliant of Apple to have stayed with basically the same ecosystem since iPhone 1, or it's not, depending on your point of view and preferences. I find "general" ecosystem of Apple now dated, while Android, Windows Phone and now even BlackBerry (with BB10) has gone through major upgrades on their respective ecosystems. Yet many iOS users stand in line to get the latest and greatest hardware upgrade. Something is obviously working for Apple.

    As I stated in other threads, I am a fan of competition. I want Apple to do very well even though I'm not a user. A world where you just have Google and Android phones is not a good world. There needs to be a 2nd choice to help keep costs reasonably in line, or a one product market is what you are left with.
    10-17-15 02:31 PM
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    Cars have still four wheels, so what? if it works for users why change and complicate things.
    That's probably what BlackBerry was thinking when the iPhone came out...
    10-17-15 02:44 PM
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