08-26-15 05:09 PM
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  1. anon6040766's Avatar
    From the renders, it seems it's more like a slide-up screen. The bulk of the weight of the device stays in between your fingers. That sounds good to me :-)
    So yeah, good point...might work just fine. Just remember that PKB users are very particular. There was a lot of talk for users who went from the Q10 to the Classic about how the typing experience was much different. Some better, some worse. That's all I'm thinking. This will just be very different as take some real getting use to. For VKB users it won't be an issue, but for the PKB users there will be an adjustment period, but hey plenty of people have adjusted to the Passport. I hope it works out.
    08-26-15 11:55 AM
  2. anon(9353145)'s Avatar
    Again, I do not think it is a negative for all. It is just a negative for me.
    I am not saying they should not release a slider, I am just saying that it would be good to make the most of it and release a slab phone with the same design and specs.
    Where in my post do I say that it is negative? I am just saying that I, personally, just me, in my opinion, for my personal use, would like that phone to be a slab phone, and that I reckon that the marginal cost of producing and marketing a phone like that would be low as you are already releasing and marketing a slider.
    Two friends of mine are likely to get a slider straight away if it is android as they are sick of carrying around two phones only because they need a PKB and BBs by themselves do not sort their media/app/ecosystem needs. Again, that is their opinion, I am happy with my Z30 and love BB10, just want an upgrade.
    Ah, my bad for misinterpreting. Anyway, it would be great if they released a full slab alongside the slider for those that want just all touch. I believe they did that with the original BBOS Slider back in the day. If not, and they're continuing with BB10 then eventually they'll replace the Leap no doubt (a year or two).

    As far as a BB Android all touch, I don't know if they'll go that route. All touch Android devices from Moto, OnePlus, etc are super cheap and my thought is that an all touch BB would get killed in the marketplace because they can't make it as cheaply as the other (mostly Asian) companies can. And, if the "BlackBerry Experience" software suite replicates a lot of the best of BB features, then that really becomes BB's answer to a pure all touch device: Buy whatever you want, and then buy the BB software with all the money you saved.
    08-26-15 05:09 PM
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