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    So I have had my PRIV for around 2 years now, worked flawlessy, until recently DTEK is coming up with "poor" everytime "google" updates, and everytime google does update, my PRIV restarts itself and doesn't finish the update until I do it manually from the play store.

    Sometimes even doing it manually leads to it restarting. But i really don't understand why google updating is doing this, or causing DTEK to say:

    -"You are not using a BlackBerry device" - I bought it directly from BlackBerry themselves.
    -"The integrity of the operating system is compromised" - Google was the last app updated/changed
    -"Your device is running a version of Android that is not designed for your BlackBerry device"

    Play Protect detects no issues with any apps installed, it's just DTEK that is kicking up a fuss. + the crashing when google tries to auto update.
    02-11-19 05:14 AM

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