02-12-19 06:01 PM
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  1. the_boon's Avatar
    I agree, it is sadly the situation that you have to workaround to get your Priv to run like it should.

    I loved my Priv until BlackBerry refused to upgrade it and I actually looked at the performance of other devices. That is when I switched.

    Not everyone wants or can afford to do that, though my OnePlus was over $200 less than I paid for the Priv. So sadly it is getting the phone to work like you need it and that means sacrifices.

    If the need is for a keyboard, then jump to the Key2. Or continue waiting and hoping for a Priv2, which can be a forever wait.
    KEY3 with AMOLED from Samsung would be a HUGE step up, so even if we're stuck at 4.5 - 4.7 inches, it'll be much more enjoyable and easier to forget the Priv.

    Use the same LCD as KEYone/KEY2 for the KEY lites
    07-19-18 09:50 AM
  2. Priv4U's Avatar
    Why? Because effing snapdragon 808, that's why.

    It is what it is, man. I'm just throwing out tips that allowed my Privs to achieve serviceable relatively all-day battery life, for those who may be interested. I'd say it's even more important now since the batteries (even the spares) are getting older so that phone could use every optimization we can throw at it.
    It seems that BlackBerry finally took notice to the comments left on Google Play Store.

    These latest BlackBerry apps updates (DTEK, BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Productivity Tab and BBM) have done something that now my PRIV seems to be running "COOL" and the battery appears to be lasting longer between charges.

    Have anyone else notice these improvements on their PRIVs after updating your PRIV with these updates ???
    07-19-18 05:13 PM
  3. techblogger911's Avatar
    Location Services/Data/Wifi. If you have these always on then there is a chance that you might be losing battery the most. If the battery still drains then get it checked out to be honest.
    07-20-18 04:03 AM
  4. kash2001's Avatar
    Hi mine runs for all day when not turned on I'm using killtask on play store. It'll only use about 20% of the battery if screen is off. Mines on the lower res. But if I use email or WhatsApp it'll drop faster than a stone and heat up.

    I think a big part of the drain is mobile data it burns through battery whilst I text or message. When I stop the battery doesn't deplete and holds well.

    I can't find a widget to press to just disable mobile data rather than going through the setting but when on WiFi if I turn 3g to disabled it doesn't heat up much as soon as I turn it on it drops quick.

    Any quick way to turn this on/off or ideally a app that disables mobile data when WiFi is in but to date I haven't found one...

    I'm sure it'll save loads of battery life. But just terrible of blackberry to do this to their customers who love keyboards and android.

    Bought a keyone coming tomorrow in the hope it doesnt heat up, speed isn't everything but if it's the same I'm going over to a Samsung s7 with clip on keyboard, not as good a keyboard but the phone is fantastic as a daily driver...

    02-12-19 06:01 PM
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