1. john chilver's Avatar
    My Priv which was working as normal and was fully charged suddenly refused to open and for the past 4hrs has no life press and hold the start button no response. I’ve tried mains connection and laptop which plays a note when plugging in but does not show a connection on the screen. Any ideas or do I need to contact blackberry?
    12-31-18 10:15 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Hard to say, you never mentioned how old it was. You could try putting on the wall charger and see if that brings it to life. If it's not showing any real signs of life connected to your computer, it could be completely dead. Usually the display will light up in some way or get a LED flash. I'd wall charge it for a bit, if it don't come to life, give BlackBerry a shout.
    12-31-18 12:27 PM
  3. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    maybe the solder connection behind the microUSB has fried or maybe the whole charge block...

    does yours have QI charge... ? try that if it does...

    if charge block is fried, it is part of the motherboard

    look in the USB for dust & blow out with compressed air for cameras

    try TV contact cleaner (pretty much PCB)

    no luck, start shopping quick since lots of returned open box devices come in January...
    12-31-18 03:39 PM

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