1. Thomas Huigens's Avatar
    Whilst at the gym, I dropped a weight on my priv, wasnt too hard, and the phone is protected by a case.

    However when I came home, the led indicator was changing colour all the time, green - red - white - blue etc. And the screen was black. After holding the power button for about half a minute it switched off, and now it will not turn on again.

    There is no external damage, however sliding it open is a bit harder than before. Probably nothing that can be done, but just thought to ask.

    Thanks for your assistance.
    05-13-16 02:09 PM
  2. Pinot2015's Avatar
    I'm sure you already did but try pressing power down again for at least 32 seconds

    Posted via my Priv
    05-13-16 02:11 PM
  3. XxWile_E_CoyotexX's Avatar
    Yes, try holding the power button down for a long time . . like, a long time.

    -from my Priv 6.0.1
    05-13-16 02:20 PM
  4. artemis-kun's Avatar
    I believe the multi coloured flashing LED means that it was in the midst of a software update, at least, I recall my LED doing that when I first upgraded to Android 6.0 so, you may have just interrupted it in the middle of the upgrade... not sure what to suggest from here, but there's some info about what to do if the upgrade fails somewhere around the forums, would suggest looking for that and giving what it suggests you do a try. If not, the device may now be bricked.
    05-13-16 03:17 PM
  5. akraus88's Avatar
    Yup, same thing happy to me. Pressing it for 33 seconds helped :-)

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    05-13-16 03:48 PM

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