1. Gregory Heilman's Avatar
    I've noticed on my Priv that when I open certain apps, it closes other ones that I'm using. For example, if I have a Word doc open, and I go over to Facebook, when I go back to Word, I have to re-open the doc. Another example, when I have Spotify going and I play a game, sometimes the Priv will close Spotify. These things never happened on my Note 4. It doesn't seem like the Priv is multi-tasking as well. Is this a memory thing? I do notice that when I try to have multiple things open, the Priv really slows down.
    06-30-17 02:01 PM
  2. KPR1976's Avatar
    Mine closes google maps while I am driving sometimes. Please remember that Android is not good with multitasking. The only true multitasking OS was\is BB10.

    I think that Nougat improves and/or include some multitasking capabilities.

    Also, the Priv heats up pretty fast depending on usage.

    I have learned to live with the Priv. Not ready for KeyOne yet. If I could keep using my Passport I would 100%
    Gregory Heilman likes this.
    06-30-17 02:55 PM
  3. bigjsmashman's Avatar
    I have never had that happen thank goodness
    That would drive me crazy lol
    06-30-17 07:30 PM

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