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    Why do folks have to be jerks? Get over it. BlackBerry has made a decision to make phones with Andriod. Either you jump on the boat or you don't. Stop being part of the group that doesn't like what's going on thats hanging around the Priv forums being trolls. Just stop being nasty to people that are trying to make the best of the situation. The Priv isn't a bad device. It doesn't run bb10. It has somethings that are very BlackBerry though. Andriod is not BBOS but there are millions of people that use it and this is a smart move. I for one was lost for a moment wondering what to do. I've used only BlackBerry devices for 10 years. I thought it was technically over. Guess what, it's not. I can get any app the next guy has. I can type on familiar keyboards, I have a HUB that works like I need it to and BBM is very much the same. Do I miss how BB10 operates? Very much so; however BB10 may not be around much longer. BlackBerry has needed a sure fire hit. I went with the Priv in hopes this is it. BlackBerry helped me prospect for business and get my emails years ago. They have handled my communication like a champ since and I'm trying to help them.

    So anyways, if someone gets a Priv and has questions be respectful and either help or don't. If BlackBerry makes a device this badass with BB10 on it I will probably be first in line.

    Anyways, off my soap box.

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    11-14-15 09:17 AM
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    Well said. I, for one, bought the Priv on day one and sold it same day as I felt like I'd taken a giant step back. Well, turns out I got a good deal on another one and I ended up getting it again. This time, to be fair, I popped my sim in and used it for three days.

    Yes, it's not got the fluidity of BB10, but it's still good.

    Just takes a bit of practice.

    I installed Wave Launcher from the Play store and it works wonders. You can swipe from any side of the screen bringing up apps, shortcuts, etc. It's got a very "bb10 swipy" feeling.

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    11-14-15 09:24 AM

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