09-29-15 11:01 AM
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  1. SunshineStateFlyer's Avatar
    Blackberry Shield

    - goes with defending privacy, security
    - matches boot logo
    - keyboard shielded in housing

    Pretty much goes with everything bbry is nich-ing for with its first Android device

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    Nvidia was first That wouldn't work

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    09-29-15 09:04 AM
  2. Pcmx's Avatar
    09-29-15 09:34 AM
  3. studioesper's Avatar
    BlackBerry SLQ

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    09-29-15 09:58 AM
  4. CyberMan2013's Avatar
    BlackBerry Glide

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    09-29-15 10:03 AM
  5. kobnyc's Avatar

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    2nd that!

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    09-29-15 10:09 AM
  6. throat_blister's Avatar
    Shiv... cause it rhymes with Priv and inmates need their privacy too. They could fashion a nice, sharp edge and then use it as a switchblade-or shivblade.
    Or another name, Swoosh, to describe the sound the 'smart slide' makes when activated- http://trekcore.com/audio/doors/tos_swoosh_2.mp3

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    09-29-15 10:52 AM
  7. Ment's Avatar
    I'd just use Slider. Describes phone function.
    09-29-15 10:56 AM
  8. green_ember's Avatar
    BlackBerry Outhouse: It's where s%#t gets done.

    Oh wait, they already called it a privy
    09-29-15 11:01 AM
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