1. IEatBlackBerries's Avatar
    Am using the AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 18W but it's not charging 60% in 30 minutes. Wondering if my USB port is buggered. I know sometimes it stops charging between 60-80% and says full.

    Takes like an hour and 30 to get to 100%.

    What quick charger are you lot using and how fast is it?
    04-08-16 07:45 PM
  2. senectus's Avatar
    samsung. Seems to work fine.
    04-09-16 05:43 AM
  3. Brulging_Jersey's Avatar
    Lots of different ones. Just make sure it's QC 2.0 Certified. I got a bunch of Amazon for $6 each on a sale.

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    04-09-16 06:09 AM

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