09-24-15 09:05 PM
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    Hey man shoot me your pin and we'll start working on it right away. Lol we can go downtown to the courthouse with iphones to break for starters.

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    Um. A few things: where the he'll do you live at that the courthouse = the jail?
    And if you take the I phone withyou, you aren't really breaking it out of jail so much as you are taking it there briefly and then leaving.
    3rd , everyone knows it's incredibly difficult to get an iphone to go outside instead of pissing in its cell. This isn't an overnight activity.
    Srsly haxorz only! N00b
    09-24-15 04:37 PM
  2. Benjamin Black's Avatar
    Buy. If you are an "expert" in OS development or ethical hacking. You would say there is not even one OS that is 100% secured!

    IOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows, Unix, Linux whatever it is.. it is all about code, if there are codes, there will be flaws.

    So who will be exploiting it and how worthy it is to exploit the flaws? How much effort for you to exploit the flaws? Secure or not secure, you send the information through your preferred telco and internet line, who knows if they have tapped on you? How does it look like to be not secure? How does it look like if it is secure? Are you sure the email that you send only goes to the recipient? Who else are able to received it? Where is the database of your email being kept in?

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    Who said I was an expert in any of that? I was simply responding to the statement someone made about ios security being a joke

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    09-24-15 04:38 PM
  3. Benjamin Black's Avatar
    09-24-15 04:41 PM
  4. grandam30's Avatar
    Any device is only as secure as the user is willing to make it. Your friend download apps from a random app store other than Google Play?
    Are you saying every app on Google play is secure and spy proof?

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    09-24-15 04:55 PM
  5. Upright-Underground's Avatar
    I just need a physical keyboard. I'd blackberry wasn't releasing this, is probably end up getting the note 5 with that ugly keyboard case.

    Physical keys man.. Just gimmi gimmi. I need to be able to type with a quickness and with very little typing errors. I swear this auto correct on my phone is making me a terrible speller.

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    I felt this way. But my Classic DT and period inserts are unbearable.

     Classic
    09-24-15 09:05 PM
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