05-04-15 09:15 PM
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  1. BlackberryFan777's Avatar
    So the argument for and against the slider will continue...if I was to compromise and get the slider and leave the keyboard closed, how thick do you think this device is? I am rocking a Z30 at the moment. So something as thick or thinner, and with updated specs would be a great upgrade in due time.

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    I'm not sure. I use my Passport without a case and I did the same with my Z30, but my family and friends all used a case, which made the Z30 drastically thicker and bigger. My guess is that the slider with the keyboard not extended will be about the same thickness as a Z30 with a bulkier case and people actually choose to go that route already. Just use the slider without a case as it should be used and you'll be fine. All in all, I doubt very much that it'll be an unreasonably bulky experience.

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    05-02-15 01:12 PM
  2. vrud's Avatar
    If they make it removable then it should be cross platform. So that they could sell it to iPhone owners. Makes sense?

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    05-02-15 02:32 PM
  3. jopfet's Avatar
    A really DUMB idea. It will never happen.

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    05-02-15 03:55 PM
  4. KR2013's Avatar
    Whether possible or not, not sure. But, it's an interesting out-of-the box idea. Certainly makes one think of the possibilities. I also think the title of the post is fine. Overall, a great post, OP!
    05-02-15 04:22 PM
  5. jas1978's Avatar
    If the keyboard is removable then there will be a lot of threads here with the title "Guys, I lost my keyboard! What do I do now?!" lol

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    05-02-15 08:43 PM
  6. jopfet's Avatar
    I've talked with BlackBerry folks who have played with it. It is a thin slider.

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    05-02-15 09:01 PM
  7. chw6922's Avatar
    Brilliant idea, if there is a magnetic keyboard which is detachable, I would definitely get one without a heart beat

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    05-03-15 07:01 PM
  8. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    Just get a cheap case that was so poorly thought out that they forgot to allow for the sliding mechanism.

    The keyboard will not be removable. Most of the phone's hardware will be in the back half and the 'sliding' part will be just the screen. This is how the device stays from feeling top heavy.

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    05-03-15 08:49 PM
  9. prithvi64's Avatar
    Yes. I would strongly support idea slider without keyboard. This way, we would get high end and light weight.
    05-03-15 09:01 PM
  10. Grabber5.0's Avatar
    This thread cracks me up. I should visit more often.
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    05-03-15 09:12 PM
  11. Smokeaire's Avatar
    Yes. I would strongly support idea slider without keyboard. This way, we would get high end and light weight.
    What would be the point of a slider without a keyboard.

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    05-04-15 06:11 AM
  12. Arabianhorse's Avatar
    I think it's brilliant. Just the base portion where the keyboard is can be detached and you plug in a different component.

    SQW-100-3 Allergy/Pulmonary
    05-04-15 09:15 PM
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