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    BB 10 is left with no more support. BB Priv is being dropped by carriers. Blackberry is not saying much about whether updates are coming or not. Blackberry is in the red right now. It is time to move on folks. Don't buy BB phones or you will waste your money on outdated phones. What a shame. I used blackberry since 2009 and it hurts to see what is happening. Chen was the biggest mistake for Blackberry. Chen doesn't have the slightest charisma, nor is he a good leader. The company wemt downhill since he joined as CEO. What a shame because BB10 is simply the best and greatest OS that has ever existed.

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    06-14-16 01:13 AM
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    As os now, I don't know what phone to buy anymore. Where can someone find an OS that has the gestures and BB Hub like features?? Android is a big Crap, so is Iphone. The simple gesture of swiping up from the bottom to leave an app made the BB an irreplacable OS.

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    06-14-16 01:16 AM
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    There are dozens of threads just like this. Please post on those.
    06-14-16 05:33 AM

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