1. lennart westrin's Avatar
    Hi, I purchased a Priv at Best buy.
    My phone expanded as the battery seem to get very bad after 3 month usage and the phone is not working correct at all.
    Now I live in Euorpe but I managed to send the phone to USA, Howvere Blackberry say I shall contact the "provider" that I do not use anymore and the do not sell Blackberry sa now I should go to Best buy but they only provide 90 day so al say I shall contact blackberry.
    Really mad at this
    Real it is no warrant at all from Blackberry
    06-03-18 07:48 AM
  2. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    The Priv is a more-than-2-year-old phone. It was released November 6, 2015, and the entire production run was prior to that date. If you bought the phone sometime in the last year, it was discontinued well before you bought it, and the price would have been discounted accordingly. If you bought it more than a year ago, it would be out of warranty anyway.

    Further, BB left the device business in 2016. They have no more products to sell you, today or in the future. Their licensees do, but those licensees handle the warranty work on their own products.

    I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, and it's unfortunate, but you took a risk buying a product from a struggling company, and when you risk, sometimes you lose. Those evaluations should always be made before you purchase something - especially something relatively expensive.
    06-03-18 08:44 PM

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