1. trophyspot's Avatar
    Will it be similar to the Z10 with flick typing? Will it work with Android Apps?
    09-28-15 07:10 AM
  2. anischab's Avatar
    Yes. It's integrated in the hardware driver.
    Works on my Passport, too. Flicking is a gesture. Word suggestion must be turned on.

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS ; Germany.
    09-28-15 07:33 AM
  3. nealworld's Avatar
    Of-course it will ..
    whenever text area comes .. you can directy enter from VKB .. So just click on it and start entering ..
    It will support flick typing in a new way .. like passport ..
    09-28-15 07:35 AM

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