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    I have been using new Priv for about 3 weeks. Previously used Passport. No problems sending or receiving email using my Comcast and Gmail accounts anywhere except when I'm connected via Cox wifi at my home in California. I get email just fine when connected to wifi at my other home in Kansas City (Comcast is provider) and no problems at work which is theoretically most secure. I copied settings from both my Passport and my Android tablet which continue to work in all locations. Any suggestions?
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    05-04-16 10:38 PM
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    Does your Wifi use an IPV6 address? Would you mind taking me some logs?

    1) First go into system settings -- About Phone and tap the Build Number field a bunch of times. This will enable developer mode.

    2)Go back to the main settings menu and you should see Developer options above about phone item tap this.

    3) There should be a toggle in there for Bug report shortcut please turn this on. You may need to restart your device for this to take effect. You may also need to turn on USB Debugging.

    Reproduce the issue(s) you are seeing immediately after reproducing the issue, proceed with the below.

    1) Hold Power button

    2) Choose create bug report (The lights will flash)

    3) Once the bug report is created, a notification shows in the shade

    4) They click on that, and choose how you want to share - typically best if you upload to Google Drive, or some other cloud provider to save it, and then share the .txt output back to me via PM
    05-06-16 07:57 AM

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