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    Good news - the Priv can output high resolution audio over usb. Works well with the Chord MOJO connected with an usb otg cable. It upsamples audio to 192 kHz when outputting audio from apps like Deezer. That is an Android feature or bug.
    To avoid upsampling an app such as the free Hiby Music can be used - then audio is output via USB with the original sampling frequency. The Usb audio pro app should be able to do this too.
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    12-15-16 05:30 PM
  2. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Good to know. Since I normally use a dedicated DAP and my PlayBook (excellent source) I haven't tried my Priv with the MoJo yet. It handles FLAC well so I should try it. BTW, how long have you had your MoJo? About 6 months of careful use and my USB port is loose. No function issues but I may go inside and see what I can do.
    12-15-16 06:08 PM
  3. CarstenF's Avatar
    Thanks for the info regarding the Mojo usb port. I may just leave the short cable in the port as I use it primarily at home.
    I like the bass and mids of the Mojo but the treble is rolled off a bit probably due to its digital transient optimized filter. I have just ordered the new black label edition of the IfI iDsd Micro which should also work with the Priv. If it is better I'll sell the Mojo.
    12-17-16 02:22 PM

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