1. stacym75's Avatar
    Not trying to be argumentative and not trying to start a debate, but can someone provide a link or something concrete to the statement that 'BlackBerry has confirmed there will be no BB10 Priv'?

    Lastly, to help me decide whether my Z30 upgrade will be a SE Passport or Priv can someone confirm :
    If the SE Passport will not be able to run any Android Apps in the near future? I like having the Google Play Store on my Z30 and Ill miss having Sirius Radio App, Netflix and Instagram.

    I really hate the idea of giving up my BB10 OS. But, if I dont will I miss out on the things I need via Google Playstore?
    My Z30 is slowing down and showing signs of age since last OS update. I want a new BB and am not sure which way to go.

    I've been asking on Twitter and no none seems to be able to offer me any advice.
    09-29-15 11:42 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Upgrading and confused-1443200183171.jpg

    Your Passport will be fine for a while yet.

    The only issue is that the Android Runtime is getting old and is not likely to get updated.

    09-29-15 11:44 AM

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