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    I love my BlackBerry Classic, I want the Passport, I love BlackBerry 10, but BlackBerry was stressing me out! So, I freaked out a little (a lot) about all of the anti-BB10 news lately (especially with the whole master encryption key thing with the mounties) and kinda upgraded to the Priv with AT&T--waiting for it to arrive this week.

    I really wanted to wait for my contract to lapse and get the Passport, but then this T-Mobile salesperson stopped by my office, I got tired of not having Facebook anymore, wanted to get an iPhone from T-Mobile to "get it over with", then I called AT&T to ask for my ETF, long story short, I'm with AT&T for two more years paying $26.67/month for a phone I don't even have in my hands yet. Haha

    Why did I just barely start seeing the Priv's price dwindling down to less than half the original price? I was already happy they offered it to me for $639, cancelling my two-year contract for my BlackBerry Classic. Now it's cheap AF everywhere. On top of that, I don't even know if I'll like Android! I was already intending to get two lines on T-Mobile: a BlackBerry Classic and an iPhone SE. On top of that, the Priv is really hard to shop a case for!

    Please convince me to believe that the Priv will be great for me! I have so many questions! Tell me about this Marshmallow nonsense I've been reading! How hot will the phone really be? Will I lose my 2 to 3-day battery life? Will the signal strength be as good as my BlackBerry Classic? Also, I bought the Seidio Surface Holster, Combo to go with it--please tell me that I can trust it won't damage my Priv! My Incipio DualPro Shine case on my BlackBerry Classic has protected my BlackBerry from my numerous accidental drops, and idk anything about Seidio! Did BlackBerry really betray us by burying the master encryption key incident for half a decade? Why do I suddenly feel like I'm better off with an iPhone and iMessage/FaceTime? Also, idk if it's intentional, but they switched my plan from "Data Unlimited BlackBerry Enterprise 4G LTE" to "Data Unlimited 4G LTE", so will the Priv even work for work now? I get it via Fedex on Wednesday, and I know I sound BEYOND DRAMATIC, but I feel like the very fibre of my existence is in question right now. I just need comfort!

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    05-02-16 02:00 AM
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    It will work, it's android so doesn't need a blackberry data plan. 2-3 day battery life is highly unlikely but a full day of use can be expected.

    Marshmallow is the name for version 6 that Google have given to Android. For PRIV users it had improved the battery life and high temps that were experienced before.

    Signal strength depends a lot on network and location etc but I haven't had any issues or read of any significant ones to be honest.

    I don't use a case but there were some reports of cases rubbing the corners of some phones but I am not sure which ones.

    The priv is a great android phone that has a good physical keyboard. If you can get on with android you'll like the phone, if you can't then you won't. Don't expect it to be like bb10 - it seems a lot of new users don't want to learn the android way of doing stuff which is different, in many ways not better or worse just different. It does however run all apps from the playstore so the choices and apps are almost endless.
    05-02-16 02:16 AM
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    Take it easy man. Priv is great! U ll probably the get frustrated for the first 1-2 days or so but then u ll love it! It's not a coincidence that millions of ppl r using android devices .it s a very good os . U ll get exited by the apps as well.trust me u ll love it !

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    05-02-16 02:30 AM
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    I wish I could have 2 to 3 days on any blackberry in the past. Usually never made it past a full day. It gets warm at times but usually the warmest will be after updates . I have more frustration using the iPhone than I did with priv. With the priv there is just learning curve to where things are

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    05-02-16 08:33 AM

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