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    Hi all. I am still trying to set up my Priv and have been disturbed at the lack of battery life. I am hoping it is just because it is still trying to settle in and also because I am still trying to update settings that I have read from different blogs.

    I bought the phone 2 days ago. The latest security patch is from February - just shows you how up to date the Verizon phone is. So, I saw a posting here that talked about the March update and it gave you an option to download and install. If I do this, will this hurt something somehow because Verizon did not officially send out the patch?

    I rarely use any of the Google things like music, and the Amazon stuff I rarely use as well. Since they keep getting updated, does this also lessen my battery life?
    04-11-16 08:00 PM
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    If an update is available you can check in Settings/About/System Updates (at the very top). Verizon has not released the update and is rumored to release the April update.

    The upgrading of Apps does take more power over the first few days.

    You can look at the Battery and see what's running. How is your screen brightness. Reports are Facebook can draw down the battery (I don't use facebook). Also the auto-adjust brightness has been reported as using the battery.
    04-11-16 08:15 PM
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    Thanks, F2.

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    04-11-16 08:57 PM

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