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    After downloading the VZW security update, I just noticed a problem with the microphone text input. The microphone doesn't seem to work. Whether I use the new microphone button or the hard key microphone button, it will not work. The only thing that happens is the microphone symbol beeps and lights up as if it is working but quickly goes back to the off mode?

    Anyone with the same problem?
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    08-28-17 08:21 PM
  2. tonycara57's Avatar
    Test it with BVE
    08-28-17 08:23 PM
  3. nogutsnoglory's Avatar
    Test it with BVE
    Thanks just did that and the microphone works so I think it is a software bug unfortunately. Will perform a 32 second reset and see if that fixes it.

    32 second reboot did nothing to help the issues.
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    08-28-17 08:33 PM

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