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    I bought a BlackBerry Priv (used like new) at Amazon.com and its IMEI is clean, but it has not been possible to unlock it from T-Mobile.

    I also bought codes at cellunlocker.net and unlockriver.com and they had to refund Me after 3 business days each one.

    The owner said he's asking T-mobile for the unlock code but nothing yet... I also called T-Mobile and they said 24-48 hours they`ll give the code and nothing happened!

    This is the last mail form previous owner:

    I spoke with Nino form T-Mobile and he said that he can see two PUK codes that were associated with that phone on my line. And they are 18152170 and 89863729. Honestly, the only other pin that I ever used on that phone was 9949 or 9153, so maybe try that too?

    He also told me that according to their system, the phone is network unlocked, so if we can get it past that PUK screen, you can take it to any network.

    10-07-16 09:41 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    If it can't be unlocked by anyone else, then your best bet is to contact BlackBerry.
    10-08-16 02:59 AM
  3. Numero12's Avatar
    This is what T-Mobile said to Me this morning:

    Juan, I would really like to help you out and if there was a way we could do more I absolutely would! However without a T-Mobile account I have no access to a way to get you the unlock information. That is all done through the account. What I can, and have done for you is let you know that you re not without a way to get your phone unlocked. Just hop on the internet and do a quick search for cell phone unlock codes and you will see several websites come up that would absolutely love to get you the information you are looking for! *TripR
    10-08-16 08:42 AM
  4. tickerguy's Avatar
    T-Mobile will not help you unless you have a T-Mobile account. If you're in the US find someone with a T-Mobile account, borrow their SIM, put it in the phone and make a call, then ask them to contact T-Mobile for the unlock code (give them your IMEI.) Assuming the phone is fully paid for (no contract issues in the middle) they'll get it, usually within 24 hours.
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    10-08-16 05:40 PM

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