1. dh321's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    Well, the screen on my K1 finally popped off yesterday. I'll deal with that issue later...so I pull out my trusty PRIV until I figure out my next moves with the K1. I haven't touched it since my new phone arrived, so I needed to update apps, etc...since I last used my PRIV, I've had a server change with my work exchange account. However the HUB will not delete this account no matter how many times I click on delete account from the settings, 3 dots in the right corner and hit remove. I've attempted to take the hub back to original version but this didn't delete the account either. I had incorrectly assumed since the HUB is an app in Android that I could simply delete it and reinstall but that wasn't the case and only takes you back to factory version. I've rebooted numerous times and can't figure out anything else. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    02-20-18 09:42 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Was this a work account, did it add any device polices when it was added that might prevent deletion?

    Did you try through the Hub+ Services App?

    Factory Reset will clear it....
    02-20-18 10:03 AM

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