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    Hey guys,

    I only have two complaints about the Priv... otherwise I love it and have no issues. My favourite phone of all time yet.

    I'm sure you guys have the answers to these questions!

    1. Every time I try to insert an emoticon (see attached image) it pops up this weird sign. Especially in Twitter or text message. Basically I hold down zero (or ...) then this screen pops up. Once I backspace it seems to reset to (...) and then I can open the emoticons normally (see other image). Seems to happen most in Twitter but also some other places. Using physical keyboard but happens often with virtual too.

    2. Phone activity is strange. Sometimes when I answer the phone the screen immediately goes black and I have a hard time turning it on without hanging up the phone. It seems to depend on gyro motion but I want to disable this feature. Also it seems too easy to miss calls without the phone call alert popping up full screen (only a small heads up notification when a call comes in, not to mention sometimes you don't get notified at all when a call comes in if the screen is off/locked).

    Can anyone help? Thanks awesome Crackberry community!

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    01-15-16 04:39 AM
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    Not sure why the first image didn't attach.

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    01-15-16 04:43 AM
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    I have these precise problems. Looking forward to someone's reply on this!!

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    01-15-16 04:52 AM
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    I have no clue what's going on there. As I'm sure you know, thats NOT the way it should be. There are some great ppl here. You'll get your answer I'm sure. Good luck guys.

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    01-15-16 06:37 AM
  5. Wezard's Avatar
    Double tap the period for emoticons, at least for SMS, and text, not sure about other apps.

    Settings - Notifications - some when there is a lock screen setting(s). Don't have phone in front of me, but it's pretty easy.
    01-15-16 07:24 AM
  6. Jonneh's Avatar
    Well, your phone call only showing up as a Heads-Up notification is because you are using the phone when the phone call comes in. If your phone screen is off, then you'll get the usual fullscreen notification. Not everyone wants to be completely taken away from the task they were at on their phone when a call comes in, so the usual ring and vibration settings (whichever you have in place) plus a banner at the top that says who's calling and the abilities to either Answer or Dismiss it is perfect and makes sense to me.

    I'm wondering if maybe the problem with your emojis is you're holding down the button instead of hitting alt and then that button? I'm not sure, I don't have a phone in front of me and I don't think I've ever used the emoji button on the physical keyboard yet, now that I think of it.
    01-15-16 08:15 AM
  7. gizmo21's Avatar
    01-15-16 08:45 AM
  8. duncant3's Avatar
    I believe the phone notification only occurring at the top can be fixed by going to Settings -> Sound & Notification -> Interruptions -> then you should turn it on for calls
    01-15-16 09:55 AM
  9. Mark Cullum's Avatar
    I'm not sure about the second issue, but I can comment on the first issue in Twitter. It is one we're aware of and trying to address.

    A workaround first, in case the explanation quickly becomes a bit dull... You should find that if you have the slider closed when you start the tweet (so the VKB shows) then slide it open to type on the PKB, you'll see predictions, long presses on keys will work "normally" and the touch keypad gestures should work.

    Here's the boring part:

    What you're seeing with that dialog on long press is essentially a stock character/accent picker, shown when raw key events reach some text fields. This dialog would also be seen on long press of many physical keys in many other text fields, if you've switched from the BlackBerry Keyboard to another Input Method Editor (IME) like the Google Keyboard. Normally the BlackBerry Keyboard would provide a richer experience for physical key input during text input, if it can tell that it's appropriate.

    If you've got the slider already open when you start the tweet, the Twitter app is not actually requesting the IME. The majority of apps request the IME for text input whether or not a physical keyboard is present, and leave it up to the IME to decide whether or not it's appropriate to actually show any UI. Twitter is one of a few which currently don't always do so, at least in some text fields.

    Without having been asked to show, the IME doesn't really have enough information to know for sure that it's appropriate to show predictions and start consuming key events for more advanced text composition, auto-correction, etc. It does have a pretty strong hint (essentially a normal-looking input connection set up by the app) that it might be okay for the keyboard to consume key events, but there are other apps which provide the same hints when it's definitely not appropriate, often when there's not even a visible text field. Many apps need raw key events to provide shortcuts outside of text input, and it would look pretty odd to show predictions on key press when there's no text field.

    We've been providing guidance to app developers about how to provide the best possible experience to physical keyboard users. Some of these same problems do affect other Android devices with built-in keyboards and other IMEs, and most Android devices with external physical keyboards, so improving the app behaviour can improve user experience on more than just BlackBerry Android devices. We've already seen some other apps addressing similar problems in updates.

    However, we also may be able to improve this in a future update to the BlackBerry Keyboard. Some recent and upcoming changes in a few key applications should make it much less likely that the IME will see a full input connection outside of text input, which means that we should be able to become more aggressive about making the BlackBerry Keyboard fully active once the user starts typing, even if the IME hasn't been requested.

    Hope that helps!

    Mark (BlackBerry text input development)

    P.S. If that wasn't enough detail for you, you can look at our developer blog post that explains some of the challenges and best practices for app and IME developers trying to provide a good physical keyboard experience: Ready, Set, Type! Developer?s Guide to the PRIV Keyboard (Part 1) | BlackBerry Developer Blog
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    01-15-16 10:17 PM
  10. cmykink's Avatar
    Wow thank you so much Mark, that makes a lot of sense. It's a real shame the app developers haven't fixed that yet but fingers crossed they do. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply in such an informative manner!

    To the others, thanks for the heads up on interruptions. "Calls" was off so I turned it on and that should help a lot.

    The only remaining piece is the screen/phone turning off when I pick up a call (so I can't immediately key press, etc). Hopefully someone knows how to fix that.

    Thank you awesome Crackberry community!

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    01-17-16 12:03 AM

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