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    Very obvious german translation error in the hub (v. (22.4.2016)) which definitely wasn't there before:
    At writing a new message it's showing "Shreiben" instead of "Schreiben" (think it's "compose" in English) at the top.

    That will amuse quite some users

    In webOS i would now navigate to the right file and edit it - well, well the good old times...
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    **FIXED with "Aktivitäten"**

    Found another one in the MM dtek version:

    In the preferences - notification area where there is Apps and Permissions, in the Preface of Permissions there is the sentence:
    "Um die Termine auszuwählen ,,,"

    "Termine" means appointment, but i think it originally is "events" which is correct in calendar context, but in this context the word should rather be "Ereignis"

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    First one fixed in newest versions, thx.

    Dtek error still there.
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    ** FIXED with Ablegen**

    I have another translation error to report:

    At the bottom overflow menu of a mail there is an option "to file" the mail into an other folder.
    This is translated to german with the word "Datei" which means "file" (=paperfile or record) but not "to file"

    Better would be "Ablegen" like it is named in the dialog after you press this button: "Ablegen in..."
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    ** FIXED**

    The new "Print..." menu option should be called "Drucken..." in german.
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    As I already made the screenshot for the other thread I post it here for LiamQ or any DTEK dev:

    It's the same wrong translation of "event" to "Termin" as mentioned in post above:

    05-15-17 10:50 PM

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