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    Prior to the BB10 launch, I've never owned a blackberry. Flip phones, windows, android and then BB10. It just happen to come out when I was due for a renewal. I did the research and decided to try it. As most of you have experienced, I've enjoyed the evolution of BB10 over the past few years. Personally, the crowning moment of BB10 was when I bought my wife a Passport a year ago. Prior to it, she had only experienced iphones. It took her a week to adapt, and now she'll never go back. She runs a business; the wide screen calendar view and communication management is superior. I've watched her use her Passport enviously as I've laboured on with my z10.

    About 4 months ago I caught wind of the slider. I anxiously awaited and shared the news with my none blackberry friends. When I learned it was Android based I was disappointed, but still optimistic. I still believed it would be a natural upgrade to my almost 3 year old z10. I've never been a BB keyboard guy, but didn't mind the idea (after playing with the wife's Passport).

    When the Priv was released I was in store the next day and got my hands on the device. I played with the device for 1.5 hrs and came to the following conclusions:
    1) Battery life would be superior to the z10 2) web page loading speeds are way faster 3) the camera is incredible 4) It would cost me $900 over 2 years (Telus, Canada).

    However, the hub on my nearly 3 year old z10 was more fluid and fast.

    So I set the Priv down, walked out and asked myself; "What do I used my smartphone for?" Communicating. I don't need fringe apps (bb10 has the main ones). So for $900+ dollars, what am I actually getting above my z10 BB10 experience? Only the three items listed above. Would it be worth $900? No.

    The end result was me buying a used, mint condition z30 a week later.

    For z10 owners, the z30 is a very nice upgrade. I'm thoroughly enjoying the speed improvements, and maybe after a year or so I'll catch up to my wife's Passport when they come down in price on the used market.

    Or just maybe, Blackberry will come up with a BB10 phone that not just my wife and I, but millions of other communicating focused, non-app users would be more than happy to buy.
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    11-16-15 12:50 AM

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