1. imadj1200's Avatar
    as much as i like the notification bar the one thing that annoys me is that it separates each notification for each type...
    for instance: i follow quite a few people on twitter and each time they tweet i get a separate little icon for it... once i swipe down, it does condense it to a total but just on that little tray, not the bar itself...
    it would be nice to find something that would group them together in the first place, rather than have a row 5+ twitter birdies on my bar...
    any ideas?
    07-18-16 06:47 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    When I saw your question, I thought it looked like a great idea -- someone must have built such an app. I've searched the G-Play store, but no luck.
    07-20-16 06:01 PM

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