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    I installed linkedin several times and rebooted several times to no avail. The linkedin contacts will not sync with my priv. In the hub under settings is the only place I can find where there is an option to sync the contacts with an on and off switch. The problem is, no matter how many times I have uninstalled and rebooted and reloaded everything, the button doesn't seem to have any ability to get the job done. The contacts just won't sync. The best I ever got was 260 or 270 out of 800+ contacts in linkedin. If I compare to my z30 side by side, the z30 shows all of the contacts and their respective pictures. A thorough integration into the contacts app.

    The same problem applies to the Facebook contacts.

    Does anyone have any advice / suggestions?

    I am otherwise happy with my priv but need to get the full experience I am used to on bb10 or I am going back to bb10. I just can't replace the z30 with the priv as my daily driver if the full experience I have been able to enjoy on bb10 is not possible. I use my phone as a business tool. The apps in the play store are a bonus but losing the functionality of communication and connectivity with all social media and hub integration is not an option.

    Relying on my z30 for now while I wait for a fix to these issues with linkedin and Facebook.

    Please help if you have any suggestions and advice?
    06-05-16 11:09 AM

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