10-23-15 01:59 PM
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  1. divyan's Avatar
    Would like to see the reactions when (if) BlackBerry launches Priv in India
    10-19-15 08:41 AM
  2. DamianWarS's Avatar
    If they want to advertise as a privacy phone with secured android (even with a new android logo with a shield) then they better not sell it more than the BlackPhone which retails at 799 USD. I know the BlackPhone is subscription based so you have to keep paying in after you buy but really so is Blackberry. I'm hoping for a similar pricing to the passport at 699 CAD... If not then if I want android ill go for a nexus which the 6P by the way will retail at 499 USD.

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    10-19-15 11:52 AM
  3. buwee's Avatar
    you can talk about price equality when BB sell 13 millions units the first weekend of release, till then either you sell half the price of IP6 or your won't sell at all. Look at Samsung difficulty of moving units of S6 edge..Nexus is as niche as the Priv and can't hardly sell any at a lower price than most flagships. Who care what few people here are willing to pay...this is a phone that should attract more than few thousands aficionados. Users out there do not even know who BB is anymore and you want to sell at $1k...how many Oppo you see out there(they sell at outrageous prices too)?
    Well then, if they don't sell enough to make a profit, they can just close down shop - I couldn't care less but I still won't move to IOS even it is half the price of the Priv. I'm so sick of the whiners here - first it's we have a serious app gap, then it's they're selling out to Android, then it's only got a 2MP front camera and now it's price - some here are never satisfied. Maybe they should build a super high end phone and give it to everyone here for free and even then there will probably be people here that will complain about that too.

    Some here seem to think buying a phone is like buying a house. I'm also one that doesn't give a rat's behind if I have a brand that sells 13 million on a weekend. I buy what I want, and what works for me and not by brand name.
    10-19-15 01:49 PM
  4. RezzaBuh's Avatar
    Czech price should be 23499 CZK (21% VAT included). It's the price of iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB or S6 edge+ 32 GB on our market. So pretty much comparable price.

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    10-19-15 02:32 PM
  5. po10chill's Avatar
    The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB is priced at �529.99 at car phone warehouse in the UK which would assume the price of the phone here would be C$1057.83 this is not the case. The price in Canada is C$829. That device is almost 6 months old now. So for the Priv to be �580 isn't crazy. It's not as simple as just doing the exchange rate. A lot of other import fees and everything come into play. That said...

    I would assume the Price in Canada for the Blackberry Priv will be $899. and In the US about $699.
    Looks like I was bang on with my price predictions. Do I win a Free Priv? Lol
    10-23-15 01:59 PM
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