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    However, as*gallant as BlackBerry’s first Android effort is, the fact that I*found the Priv’s physical keyboard to be almost entirely redundant means there are almost certainly*better options if I find myself*in the market for a premium phone running Google’s mobile OS. See Drew’s review of the*latest Nexus flagship, for example.

    Lastly and as*an afterthought (just*in case BlackBerry is reading this), I’d have much preferred an Android*phone*more akin to the BlackBerry Q10 or*Classic but slightly taller for maximum Android app compatibility.*That’s something*I’d buy in a heartbeat,*and I expect so would*many other BlackBerry fans past and present.
    Hands-On With Priv, BlackBrerry?s First Android Phone | TechCrunch

    Posted via CB10/BB PP SE.
    11-06-15 12:22 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Alright thanks
    11-06-15 12:25 AM
  3. Sparksx's Avatar
    That wasn't a bad review though. Certainly much better than the crap spewed by Gizmodo.
    11-06-15 12:32 AM
  4. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    Something that bugged me was when he said that "BlackBerry unconvincingly claimed makes it more comfortable to hold." I actually agree with BlackBerry on this point. I have held several Apple products - the iPhone 6 and iPod Touch - and they both are so thin that I constantly dropped them if they didn't have a case. They are beautiful pieces of hardware, but ergonomically, the thinness makes them annoying to use on a daily basis.

    Otherwise, I thought this was a pretty good review.
    11-06-15 12:35 AM
  5. dusanvn's Avatar
    Sorry for typo in the title. PKP actually reads PKB or 'physical keyboard'. Would any mod kindly correct it so that reader can find it via the Search function please? Thank you.

    Posted via CB10/BB PP SE.
    11-07-15 12:09 AM
  6. zocster's Avatar
    11-07-15 12:12 AM

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