11-10-15 08:23 AM
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  1. kdklein's Avatar
    That's exactly why I I didn't cancel my shop berry order! Exactly! The ATT stores SUCK when it comes to BlackBerry. I have an appointment there when it opens on Friday and I fully expect them to say "what's a Priv?"

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    I have an appt as well, they told me that I should call the store after 6 on Thursday to see if they get any for launch day, though.

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    11-04-15 11:06 AM
  2. rjkolo's Avatar
    Called over 15 stores, they don't even know the phone exists.
    Said they haven't received any email / information about it what so ever.
    Also said chances are this phone wont be in the stores. only Online.

    I canceled my pre-order on shop blackberry so i can get this phone early.
    This pisses me off.
    bunch of morons
    Just wanted to say I was able to get 3 Priv by BlackBerry phones at AT&T...in store...last Friday.
    11-10-15 08:23 AM
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